Friday, 13 March 2009

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Monday, 9 March 2009


Landscapes painted in Photoshop to define natural textures such as grass, stone and water


Paintings constructed in Photoshop to cover the main aspects of movie screening: Expression, lighting, and framework.

Speed Painting

Test to examine painting speed within 1 day.

Game Character Design

2D sprite based action game. The main character has freedom to control his limitations of speed and space using an impact cannon device. The environments will be large and packed full of action, inwhichcase the main difficullty factor of this game determines how well you operate the hero's control functions.

"Feel The Noise" Project 2009

'Gangster rap' musical based around Uni graduation project in 2005. Main motive is to illustraite the poverty and crime-related upbringing within modern rap superstars, and to visualize hiphop music in an abstract visual style.

Life Drawing

Tradition pencil & paper sketches. Helps to improve definition of volume, structure and anatomy... used in all work.